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Virtus Security offers unarmed and armed security officers, Special Conservators of the Peace (SCOP, SPO / Private Police), Personal Protection Specialist, and  K-9 teams (narcotics detection, explosive detection, and patrol) in Virginia and Maryland.


Our protection personnel are known for the highest levels of integrity, vigilance and accountability while effectivley reducing threats and criminal activity by 80%. Virtus Security provides professional security and protective services wherever the need may arise.


Unarmed and Armed Security

COVID-19 Health and Safety Screening

Special Conservator Of the Peace / Special Police

K-9 Detection and Patrol

Executive / Close Protection

Workplace Violence Mitigation - Employment Termination

Security Operations Management

Corporate Risk Management

Emergency Operation Plan Development

HAZMAT / HAZWOPER Emergency Response

Our mission is to reduce criminal activity and address emergency situations, as well, to protect your employees and property at all times.


"Virtus has proven that they have the staff, resources, and experience to deliver what they promise. I would recommend this company to anyone with a security need."

Dan T, / S.J. Collins Enterprises, LLC.

 "Virtus Security went far beyond our expectations when our family needed them the most. Their security and police officers protected our homes, while their body guards stayed with other family members. I and my family can not thank them enough for the excellent services they provided to us, they certainly gave us the peace of mind we needed."

Elizabeth N.





5540 Falmouth Street Suite 301 Richmond Virginia 23230

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Teaming Up With A Trusted Partner

As a Virtus Security client, you’ll partner with a team of highly knowledgeable professionals to develop a thorough security plan for your specific needs.


Based on a detailed site analysis and a careful review of your business objectives, the Virtus Security team will make recommendations aligned with your budget.


Once a formal plan is in place, our constant communication helps to ensure the plan is working effectively.


Virtus Security  is committed to meeting the needs of our clients.


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