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Our mission is to reduce criminal activity and address emergency situations, as well, to protect your employees and property at all times. To complete our mission we make every effort to resolve each issue with professionalism and in a manner that will neutralize any situation quickly and safely.

Physical Security

Virtus Security provides advanced protection and security services in any environment. Our personnel operate in a number of areas, providing a range of different services based upon risk / threat assessment. Physical security services can include armed or unarmed security personnel, canine detection and patrol, access control, and additional threat mitigation services.

Private Law Enforcement

As a division of Virtus Security, our private law enforcement services are an invaluable resource to residential communities and locations that benefit from a great law enforcement presence. Virtus Police officer’s jurisdiction extends beyond the property to allow access to public roadways or other areas not accessible to security guards to conduct patrols, investigations, or arrests.

K-9 Detection

Virtus Security delivers innovative K-9 detection solutions for a broad range of commercial, government, and residential properties. Detection K-9 services are available to assist our clients in providing a secure and drug free environment. Our detection K-9s are highly trained, very social, and extremely safe. Our K-9s are taught a passive response indication when they find a given odor. Our detection K-9 teams have been trained to detect odors in many environments including: schools, businesses, residences, parking lots, government facilities, warehouses and open areas.

Close Protection

Virtus Security delivers superior personal and executive protection services developed using the company’s detailed knowledge of military and civilian Personal Protection Specialist techniques. Virtus Security will manage every aspect of the operation to ensure the highest standards of quality and protection. Our primary concern is to ensure the principal is afforded the opportunity to continue their obligations in relative safety under the umbrella of Virtus Security protective services.

Emergency Operations Plan Development

Emergency events can be devastating to a business. Proper planning and execution of skills developed during training can provide the tools to save both property and lives. Virtus Security has authored numerous protocols to mitigate disaster events, and is fully prepared and qualified to produce a comprehensive Emergency Operations and Preparedness Plan . Our experienced staff of trainers and first responders will be instruct on the emergency protocols and advise on any topics of concern. 

Special Response Teams

Virtus Security is uniquely qualified to handle some of the most complex and dangerous situations in regards to security and private law enforcement services. The training and subject matter expertise available from our parent company, CENTCOM Global, Inc., is available to Virtus Security clients on a domestic level, this includes our Special Response Teams.

The Special Response Teams are units of highly trained prior law enforcement and military personnel specifically selected and trained to assist clients with pin point resolutions to issues they are faced by. Our SRT units have recently worked in conjunction with the Richmond Police Department’s Narcotics Task Force to apprehend local narcotic distributors, U.S. Marshall’s in fugitive recovery and apprehension, U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement in illegal identification and document forging operations. Our SRT units also specialize in HAZMAT and HAZWOPER response.

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