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Looking for Quality Security Services in Virginia Beach VA? Call 804.977.2733 today!

Virtus Security delivers innovative safety and security services in any environment. Our security staff operates in a number of specialty areas, offering a wide variety of different services based upon risk and threat assessment. Physical security services may include armed or unarmed security personnel, canine detection and patrol, access control, and additional threat mitigation services as needed.


As a division of Virtus Security, our private law enforcement services are an irreplaceable asset to housing communities and other localities that benefit from a greater law enforcement presence.  A Virtus police officer’s jurisdiction extends beyond the property line to allow access to public areas and other locales that are not accessible to security guards in order to conduct patrols, investigations, or make arrests. Virtus police officers also provide the psychological effect of representing a private law enforcement company, because the officer’s uniforms clearly identify them as police officers. It is displayed on their company patch, the rear of the uniform, and on their badge.

Virtus Security also supplies state-of-the-art K-9 detection solutions for a broad range of commercial, governmental, and residential properties. Detection K-9 services are available to assist clientele in keeping a secure, safe and drug-free environment. Our discovery K-9s are highly trained, very social, and extremely safe to be around. Virtus Security’s dogs are trained to give a passive reaction signal when they find a given odor. Our detection K-9 teams have been taught to sense odors in many environments including but not limited to: schools, businesses, residences, parking lots, government facilities, warehouses and open areas.

Virtus Security delivers excellent private and administrative protection services developed using the company’s comprehensive expertise with military and private citizen Personal Protection Specialist procedures. Virtus Security will manage every aspect of the operation to ensure the highest standards of quality and protection. Our chief concern is to safeguard the principal and make sure they’re given every chance to perform their duties in relative safety under the watch of Virtus Security defensive services.

Emergency situations can be devastating to a business. Appropriate preparation and performance of skills established during training may deliver the tools to save both property and lives. Virtus Security has established many procedures to alleviate the effects of disaster occasions, and is fully ready and capable of producing an inclusive Emergency Operations and Preparedness Plan. Our knowledgeable staff of instructors and first responders will be able to train for emergency practices and advise on any topics of concern.

Virtus Security is exceptionally qualified to handle some of the most complicated and dangerous situations that arise in security and private law enforcement services. The preparation and applicable expertise available from our parent company, CENTCOM Global, Inc., is available to Virtus Security clients on a national level, including our Special Response Teams.


The Special Response Teams are units of extremely well-trained previous law enforcement and military personnel specially selected and trained to help clients with accurate resolutions to security issues they are facing. Our SRT units have just operated in conjunction with the Richmond Police

Department’s Narcotics Task Force to arrest local narcotic suppliers, U.S. Marshall’s in fugitive recovery and apprehension, and U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement in illegal identification and document falsifying operations. Our SRT units also specialize in HAZMAT and HAZWOPER response.

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