Virtus Security specializes in high crime residential security and law enforcement, however, the services we have provided to other clients include; HAZMAT / HAZWOPER incident security, close protection / body guard services, employment termination, work place violence interdiction, construction site and retail security , secure transportation of high value items, emergency response services, and development of emergency operations plans and training.



Virtus Security provided emergency HAZMAT / HAZWOPER protective services for the VA DEQ during an emergency event in 2014

Valmont Virginia Galvanizing


Virtus Security provided emergency HAZMAT / HAZWOPER protective services for a Valmont Galvanizing facility during an emergency event in 2014



Virtus Security provides emergency protective servcies for multiple Target retail stores across Virginia

Zales Jewelers Store


Virtus Security provides ongoing and continous protective services for Zales Jewlery stores and transportation services

Sylvania Lighting Company


Virtus Security provided ongoing protective servcies for Sylavania Lighting Company at locations in Virginia and Maryland

T. K. Davis Costruction


Virtus Security provided ongoing protective servcies for construction site securty

  "Virtus has proven that they have the staff, resources, and experience to deliver what they promise. I would recommend this company to anyone with a security need."


Dan T.,

S. J. Collins Enterprises, LLC.

 "Virtus Security went far beyond our expectations when our family needed them the most. Thier security and police officers protected our homes, while their body gaurds stayed with other family members. I and my family can not thank them enough for the excellent services they provided to us, they certainley gave us the peace of mind we needed."


Elizabeth N.

"It is a pleasure to recommend Virtus Security. They are responsive to our needs and they are willing to adapt to our request. Virtus Security always answers the phone when we call them and perfrom their duties in a very professional manner. They have a great staff that listen and understand the issues that arise. They come up with great ideas that are practical and effective. They are willing to go the extra mile so that you and your clients feel safe and secure. It's been a pleasure to work with Virtus Security."


Brian C.,

Relocation Specialist




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