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In January 2009, CENTCOM Global, Inc. formed a U.S. commercial security and private law enforcement division, Virtus Security. Its directive is to provide domestic physical security, security consulting, and privatized law enforcement services to public and private entities across the Commonwealth of Virginia, Maryland, and the Mid-Atlantic region.

The Virtus Security Advantage

Virtus Security has more than 70 years of combined expertise in the protective services industry. Our experience extends into international and domestic security, Personal Protection Specialist, former law enforcement, and military personnel. Virtus Security is structured for dependability and continued growth in the years to come.


Virtus Security maintains a zero tolerance policy for falsifying statements and reports, unacceptable performance, sexual harassment and dereliction of duties. Virtus Security prides itself on only employing the most qualified and highly  trained individuals in the security industry. We back this claim up with our guarantee of professional and exemplary services.


ŸVirtus Security employs Subject Matter Experts whom are former military; local, state, and federal law enforcement; and security personnel that provide additional experience and continued education for all Virtus employees.

Virtus Security’s Internal Affairs Division (IAD) is the compliance and oversight division of the company. IAD has direct oversight and reports to the DCJS Compliance Agent and Board of Directors for CENTCOM Global, Inc. in regards to complaints, violations of company policy, conduct unbecoming of an officer, DCJS or other legal compliance issues and disciplinary actions involving officers of the company. IAD insures the standards and expectations of the company, clients, and the citizens we serve are achieved.


Virtus Security provides its clients with our zero tolerance policy guarantee. If there is a verified complaint against any security officer, confirmed by a Virtus Security IAD investigation, and there has been no corrective action within 48 hours by Virtus Security, the client will be refunded the billable hours of the security officer that has violated our zero tolerance policy during that time.


Competitive Advantages

When comparing our capabilities and proposed solutions to that of our competitors, the benefits of choosing Virtus Security are clear:


  • Ÿ Customer focused security officers and Virtus Police are highly trained and disciplined


  • Ÿ Multiple levels of oversight and auditing to ensure quality service and accurate invoicing


  • Ÿ The management team has over 70 years of combined experience and knowledge in law enforcement and the security industry


  • GPS tracking of all officers for accountability and accurate invoicing


  • Effective community policing and intelligence services


  • Experienced local, state, and federal law enforcement personnel bringing years of professional service and experience to our company and to our clients

Virtus Security’s security and private police divisions are exceptionally qualified and experienced in the application of local, state, and federal law enforcement. Virtus Security has a past performance record to clearly and accurately demonstrate our ability to provide effective community policing and reduce crime in most communities by 80%. Virtus Security’s security and private police officers work with community residents to identify criminal elements and arrest for violations of the  criminal code. Virtus Security utilizes uniform summonses and citations for misdemeanor violations and will arraign before a magistrate serious misdemeanor and felony violations and testify in court to gain convictions of any criminal charges brought by our officers.


Virtus Security’s Electronic Reporting Database System is designed to allow for seamless exchange of information between onsite officers, Virtus Security Command staff, management, and the client. Reports and data are collected and transmitted through the system, and is designed for ease of use by electronically submitting reports, information, and alerting the client of emergency situations.


Since inception, CENTCOM Global and Virtus Security maintaines “in good standing” statuses with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, the Virginia State Corporation Commission, as well as, all creditors, financial institutions, and vendors that we work with and most importantly our clients. Recently Virtus Security received a routine audit from DCJS in which we received a perfect score with no compliance infractions or complaints filed.




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